Film and cars.

Driving Pants was founded by two principals: Marc Bloomgarden and Jason H. Harper, each of whom has 20-plus years of experience in his respective field: Film production and cars.  It's when they put both of those worlds together that the really good stuff happens. 


He's got the Emmys (2 wins, 8 nominations), and he handles the huge crews and the daunting logistics. Marc is a producer, director and cinematographer who also runs his own production company, Zoomari Films. Regular clients include HBO, NBC, Viacom, A&E, and MTV. He cut his teeth working on MTV Beach House (oh, the stories!), eventually moving on to shows like Iron Chef, 30 Rock, the NBC Olympics, and promos and commercials for the
Today Show, the NFL, Chanel, Clinique and the X Games.


Marc also works with an absurd number of musicians, hanging with Bono on a private jet and the Stones backstage, helping Beyoncé shimmy on film and Paul McCartney pop on videos. By comparison, cars are easy.



Harper has the job every 7-year-old dreams of: He travels around the world driving fast cars. A writer, journalist and TV personality, he's hosted a show for The Travel Channel, written a weekly column for Bloomberg News, and is a contributing editor at Road & Track. It's the kind of gig that affords once-in-a-lifetime experiences like testing the prototype Audi racecar that won Le Mans, driving at Le Mans itself, and crushing a Pontiac Grand Prix in a 50-ton tank. 


Now he finds a new passion in the moving image. Harper brings a very specific eye and attitude to car films and videos, mixing lifestyle and travel with a sense of fun and panache. His goal is to make it as fun for the viewer as it is to do the driving.

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